Portsmouth Shipbuilding

The plan for shipbuilding in Portsmouth.

What is the Plan?

We aim to continue 500 years of shipbuilding
in Portsmouth with a viable & sustainable plan...

On 6 November 2013 the Government made a sudden announcement to stop all shipbuilding in Portsmouth in response to the decision by BAE Systems to move shipbuilding to the Clyde. The impact will have an unnecessary and devastating impact on Portsmouth and the surrounding area leaving a legacy of a skilled but unemployed workforce, an empty state of the art shipbuilding facility, and no contingency for future UK shipbuilding.

To date no solution has been tabled to the Government to keep shipbuilding in Portsmouth.

Portsmouth Shipbuilding proposes to utilise the existing skills, facility and management expertise to create a successful and sustainable shipbuilding company, operating within Portsmouth Dockyard to deliver small and medium commercial/naval vessels for the domestic and export markets.

Portsmouth Shipbuilding to be a social enterprise engaging with the local community and supporting the development of skills for 12-18 years olds. We will also work with colleges, universities, businesses, councils and industry alike to create a collaborative programme of engagement, training, apprenticeships and mentoring to support grass roots Maritime working and Naval heritage for Portsmouth and Southampton.

The creation of a shipbuilding company enables the Government to reconsider the decision regarding the build of 3 x Offshore Patrol Vessels (currently Scotland) and place a single build (1 x OPV) in Portsmouth. This would enable the company the required time to generate its own future sustainable order book or alternatively retain the skill sets required to move workers into future maintenance required within the dockyard post 2018.

The immediate challenge is to gain 1 x OPV to enable the shipyard to continue from mid 2014 and also to engage in dialogue with momentum before any irreversible decisions are made that would preclude either the availability of resource or the facility.

Download the Portsmouth Shipbuilding Presentation to find out more about our proposal.

What are the Benefits?

Everyone gains from keeping shipbuilding in Portsmouth.

Portsmouth has everything to gain by fighting to keep the shipyard open. This proposal offers numerous benefits to the Government, Shipbuilding Industry, Royal Navy, City of Portsmouth and the area, UK taxpayers some of which are listed below:

Who Are We?

Working together to make the plan a reality.

Portsmouth Shipbuilding is a small but growing partnership of businesses and individuals, volunteering their time and skills and working together in collaboration to make the plan a reality:

Stanton Burdett Ltd, Marine & Defence Consultancy

Sarah Stanton, Project Director, is Portsmouth born and a former engineering apprentice Unicorn Gate. Formerly Executive Project Manager for Aircraft Carrier Alliance (BVT), Project Manager T45 First and Second of Class Destroyer (VT Shipbuilding).

Vince Burdett, Marine Director, is a Portsmouth based Former Royal Navy Engineer Officer (25 Years), responsible as Naval Overseer for accepting ships into service for the Royal Navy (including LSDA, T45, LPD) at shipyards including Govan, Scotstoun, Barrow, Swan Hunters and Portsmouth. Head of Commissioning for VT Shipbuilding, Project Consultant for T&T & Oman.

Strong Island, Community, Culture & Media

Strong Island, founded in 2008, is a Portsmouth based family of businesses that strive to promote the very best Portsmouth arts, culture and more by collaboratively working with individuals, businesses and organisations. For Portsmouth Shipbuilding Strong Island Media are providing branding, marketing and promotion.

Want To Get Involved?


For the plan to become reality we need as much support as possible from the people of Portsmouth and from the people around the UK who wish to see high quality shipbuilding continue on the south coast. To show your support at this stage please Like our Facebook page and please follow us on Twitter, not only does that register your general support for the Portsmouth Shipbuilding plan it also means you can keep in touch with developments as they happen.

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